12 Million Miles of Extreme Testing Proves the Value of the 2018 Ford Super Duty

There are many choices for a new pickup truck in the current automotive market, but if you want to own one that you know you can trust wholeheartedly, then we recommend the 2018 Ford Super Duty lineup. With models like the Ford F-250, Ford F-350, and Ford F-450 as a part of its selection, finding an option with equipment that suits your needs is easy. Of course, you can look forward to impressive capability no matter which you choose because each one is engineered to overcome the toughest obstacles.


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Did you know that the Ford Super Duty was put to more than 12 million miles of testing? In fact, the prototypes of the models now on sale were subject to extreme conditions to ensure that the final product would have the wherewithal to function well in demanding industries like commercial agriculture and construction. These heavy-duty pickup trucks were tested in labs to measure their endurance in temperatures as low as -20 and as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The powertrain was carefully scrutinized too, put in situations like a 500-mile run on a six-degree grade. Out on the field, its capability was observed on various terrain covered in gravel, dust, water, mud, and other challenging surfaces. Maneuverability was even inspected to ensure a streamlined performance when faced with twists and turns a-plenty. Not to mention, to understand real-world applications, some models were pushed to the limit with intentionally worn and broken parts. Through all of these conditions, this formidable truck pulled through and demonstrated its worth.

Now you know just how tough a 2018 Ford Super Duty truck is when put to the test. It is for this reason, among many others, that our team at Sarat Ford suggest you check out this new Ford model.

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