Ford Service for Fall: Are You Ready?

Having fall maintenance may seem like another hassle that drivers need to deal with, and despite the belief that it's a conspiracy by carmakers to squeeze more money from you, it's actually a much-needed service. Having the right tires on your vehicle for the fall and winter weather you expect to get (or don't expect) is integral to your driving experience. If your vehicle doesn't have the right type of fluids for what lies ahead this fall, then your vehicle may suffer.

Drivers in New England know the value of winter tires and delaying the changeover can result in a long waiting period, and perhaps even missing a snowstorm in the process. Driving through town with all-season or summer tires is unsafe unless it's in dry conditions, so don't take the chance in the snow. The same goes for your fluids. If you don't have washer fluid that can handle subzero temperatures, you'll learn fast why it's so important to have.

You can reach out to our team today for a service appointment to ensure your brakes are up to par and your oil is changed before your busy holiday travels begin. Fall is just the beginning of a busy time for us, so don't wait – get in here today.

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