Visit Sarat Ford Lincoln's Service Center to Keep your Vehicle Running like New

At Sarat Ford Lincoln, we offer our neighbors in the Agawam area a complete car buying experience, and that includes a trip to our service department. Ford and Lincoln are built to be reliable cruisers, but every vehicle needs some TLC to keep it running in prime condition.

One major advantage of taking your vehicle into our service center is that we always make sure you receive the same friendly and helpful treatment each time you visit. We provide our customers with friendly, and honest service, and we'll help get your car back on the road in no time. Our mechanics have been trained specifically to work on new and pre-owned Fords and Lincolns. We also always use genuine brand certified parts to help your vehicle run optimally and extend the life of your car.

Whether your car needs tires, new brakes, or an oil change, we are your one-stop shop for preventative and more complicated vehicle maintenance near Agawam, Springfield MA, Chicopee and Westfield MA.

If you have a question about the types of service we offer, or you'd like to inquire about making an appointment, you can speak to a service team member by calling (866) 694-9905. We are also located at 245 Springfield Street in Agawam, MA if you'd like to come by and see us in person. We proudly serve our neighbors near Agawam and Springfield MA as well as our friends near Chicopee and Westfield MA.

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Have Questions About Car Service Here at Sarat Ford? We're Here to Help

A visit to an Agawam area Ford dealership, whether for regular maintenance or more extensive car repair, can seem like a lot to process. But when it comes to the life of your vehicle, its storied roads and many miles, for both new Ford car or truck and pre-owned SUV alike, just setting up an appointment can result in a world of difference.

Here at Sarat Ford, we aim to deliver one fast, efficient, thorough, and most of all, of the highest-quality caliber for you and your investment. So, if you have questions about the process, its importance, and what it entails, our expert auto repair technicians are here to help. As we get a few from time to time, here are some questions we often hear across the shop floor as well as a few answers we're happy to provide in advance of your visit to our Ford dealership in Agawam.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Have My Oil Changed?

Engine oil lubricates components, minimizes friction, and helps stave off wear to keep your engine operating effectively. As engines differ, your owner's manual is the best source from which to determine this. However, as a general rule, it's best to have your oil changed by a service center every 3,000 miles or every 3 months.

Why is a Recommended Maintenance Schedule Important?

Auto manufacturers like Ford design and build cars, trucks, and SUVs at the height of durability, but time and travels can have deleterious effects on components. Following a schedule to keep them up can mean the distinction between the continued Ford performance on which you've come to rely, and the diminished operation of, say, an engine bound up with carbon and varnish. But not to worry. Each owner's manual contains a section comprising the ideal timeframes in which to have your vehicle regularly serviced. Take a look, then be sure to schedule an appointment with our maintenance techs here at Sarat Ford.

Why Service at a Dealership, Versus a Local Mechanic?

If you're one of our neighbors, then you know that you'll find plenty of options for auto service here in Agawam, MA. The differences between a Ford dealership with a service center like ours and an off-brand fix, however, are numerous. Not only are we well-known for our commitment to getting the job done right, staffing highly and expertly certified Ford technicians, but we also make use of the latest diagnostic tools and cutting-edge tech to do it. That's not to mention the fact we use only genuine Ford parts. That's something for which no garage can make a guarantee.

How Can I Tell if My Tires Need to Be Replaced?

Tires are essential to the mobility and safety of your vehicle, but they don't last forever. The primary thing to pay attention to when it comes to your tires is tread, which you can assess by yourself with the Penny Test. To perform this test, all you need to do is slip a penny head-first into your tire's tread and check to see if the top of Lincoln's head is visible. If it is, your tire's tread depth is insufficient and you should invest in a new set. Be sure to keep an eye out for damage or signs of excessive wear as these could point to issues with your vehicle's wheel alignment or tire pressure.

How Do I Know How Much Air to Put in My Tires?

All vehicles are a bit different, but you can find your car's manufacturer-recommended tire pressure levels in a few places such as in your owner's manual and on the driver's side doorjamb. Always take care not to over or underfill your tires as this could result in premature tread wear and compromised fuel economy.

How Can I Tell if My Brakes Need Service?

If you find that your brakes don't respond as quickly as they used to, it could be time to bring them in for inspection. If your brakes make unusual noises, make an appointment with us as soon as possible. A little squealing here and there may not be a cause for concern, but excessive squealing, grinding, or metallic growling could be a sign of serious problems with your brakes that need immediate attention. Ignoring brake issues could lead not only to safety hazards but also damage to your vehicle.


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